The proof of the pudding is definitely in the tasting! Discover the delicious taste of yummy puddings, genuinely home made in a tiny farm house kitchen in rural Northumberland.

When Richard and Susan Green welcomed the arrival of their fourth son, Tristan, to their busy family farm in September 2000 "The Proof of the Pudding" was soon to follow. Anxious to stay at home with the baby and be available when needed on the farm, and inspired by a lifelong passion for home-baking, Susan started to make chocolate puddings from the family kitchen in 2001.

The Chocolate Pudding was very popular and within a few months a small catering kitchen had been created in the farm house to allow Susan to cope with the demand from local shops.

Gradually, in response to customer demand, The Proof of the Pudding expanded it's range and now offers a selection of own recipe steamed and baked puddings.

Using only top quality traditional baking ingredients, everything is carefully home made in small batches to ensure and old-fashioned quality product. Attractively hand-wrapped in muslin and tied with string, the puddings make an attractive gift.

Available in a range of sizes, the puddings are perfect for the customer to simply reheat and serve; the large sponge puddings are truly a dinner party delight!