Customer Comments

We bought one of your small sticky toffee puddings at Alnwick Food Festival.We've just eaten it and I wanted to say it was WONDERFUL ........ Elizabeth Scurfield

We bought one of your puddings from the Christmas Fayre at Durham and it was absolutely delicious. The best we've ever tasted. Eva Claire West.

Your Christmas pudding was a big hit! Gordon Waidhofer USA

Just a quick note to say the Christmas puddings was the best we have ever had, by far. No more Fortnum and Mason or Heston's again!!
Mr Paul Balkman, Essex

Bought Sticky toffee and Chocolate puddings for our Christmas meal. Everyone round the table raved, particularly about the Sticky toffee.
Stef Shaw

" Purely on implulse I bought your marmalade pudding. Well done! It's the tastiest pud i have ever enjoyed! The liqueur really does the trick! Spread the news around the world!

We were given one of your Christmas puddings as a gift. I have to say I am not a lover of Christmas pudding but thought this was delicious and quite the nicest Christmas pudding I have had.
Jane Deville

" I brought your Raspberry and Almond pudding back to Nigeria with me and showcased it at a special dinner on saturday night. It was a dream and everyone thought it was quite delicious....

I'm writing to thank you so much for sending us the Sticky toffee pudding. It was absolutely amazing! We've never had anything like it! So moist and light!
Diane and Eddie Degan, USA

Had to let you know we bought two puddings at the North Sheilds food festival, just eaten the Sticky ginger pudding it was gorgeous.
Carol Weatherly

This is not just flattery but the Sticky toffee pudding exceeded expectation and memory. We entertained a "foodie" friend who was a bit snooty that I hadn't made the pud myself. One taste and she was a convert.
Gillian Brightwell

The Alnwick rum Christmas pudding made delicious dessert on Christmas Day. My son was so surprised with the sticky toffee pudding for his birthday.... Looking forward to enjoying more lucious puddings when we return to Rothbury.
Cathy O'Donnell

" Had to let you know how amazing the sticky toffee pudding was we found in our Seafield welcome pack. Best we have ever tasted...
H.W. 19.08.13

"...Sticky Toffee Pudding...more than lived up my expectations, a delicious reminder of puddings eaten as a child." P.G 07.02.13

"...Raspberry and Almond Pudding...magnificent, in fact one of the best puds I have ever tasted!"
D.W 24.01.13

"...a wonderfully delicious pudding, it was much enjoyed by the whole family."
R.D 02.01.13

"...Alnwick Rum Christmas Pudding with Nuts...absolutely delicious, the best Christmas pudding I have tasted for Christmas it will be a large one or perhaps two!" M.C 02.01.13

" much we enjoyed your Christmas pudding. It was full of flavour with just the right amount of rum and very light in texture. We will definitely recommend your product to friends and buy another on next year."
C.C 04.04.12

"Could I just say how fantastic your puddings were, they really were the best I've ever tasted (and I've tasted a few!) Back this year as presents for everyone!" B.B 18.01.12

"...your Christmas pudding was absolutely fantastic and our Australian/Canadian guests were so impressed." F.B 21.12.11

Thank you for supplying the shop over the last three years, I love your
puddings and hope your business goes from strenghth to strenth in the future.
Stephanie Jarron, Belsy Shop.

I tried one of your Spotted dick puddings at the Alnwick Food festival and
it was the best I have ever tasted. I will certainly buy some more.
Mr John Fellows

Just a message to congratulate you on your extremely delicious puddings!
I tried one at the Alnwick Food festival - quite by chance - and we have
been hooked ever since! (especially the sticky ginger).
Mr Neil Wilson

Thank-you for the order of puddings. We are sure our family will enjoy
your puddings as much as we do. The big box we treated ourselves to,
at the Alnwick Food festival is rapidly going down - especially the
sticky gingers (our absolute favourite)! It will soon be time to order some more!
Mrs Annabel Swan, Tenbury Wells.

Thank you so much for the sticky toffee puddings ....
they were absolutley delicous and a real winner with our wedding guests, we can highly recomend them! Clare Russel, Dorset.

Your Sticky Toffee Pudding is the very best I have EVER eaten (and I have eaten alot of different Sticky Toffee Puddings).
Ms E. Webber

I purchase the Raspberry and almond pudding...
We ate it on the day of the Royal Wedding. I had to write to you and advise how much we enjoyed it. The sponge is the lightest I have ever tasted! I loved the almond flavour with raspberries. It's the nicest puddining I have ever had. Dawn Reid

I bought one of your Chocolate puddings from David Carr at Longframlington. I'd like you to know you have created and are producing the the most Divine pudding and sauce, we were so sorry when we finnished eating it!
Miss B. Whittingham, Northld

On a recent visit to Northumberland, we bought one of your Sticky Ginger Puddings, at the Wallington farm shop - utterly delicious! I wish we lived nearer, or perhaps it’s a good thing we don’t!
Mrs G. Oxford

Thank- you for sending the Sticky Toffee and Ginger puds. We tried one last night, and it was delicious! It's really difficult to decide which one we like best. In the end we decided we didn't have a favourite, We'll just go for the lot!
Mrs B. Thurso, Cornwall

I felt I must write to congratulate you on your Exquisite Chocolate puddings, which I purchased from Mr Carter's butcher shop.
Mrs M. Terrington, York

We loved your puddings, and we're sure our friends will too!
Mrs B. Sheffield

I just write to compliment you on your Alnwick Rum Christmas Pudding. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Please do a repeat performance next year.
Mrs S. Felton, Northld

So beautifully packed and presented. Am thrilled with the puds - Thank-you.
Mrs R. Bridport, Dorset

Chocolate puddings needed to preserve sanity!
Dr. S. Macalister, Orkney

We would like to congratulate you on your delicious puddings, we had tried the chocolate pudding, which was the best we have tasted and to-day we tried the Steamed Marmalade Sponge Pudding which was equally delicious. Looking forward to trying the rest.
Mr & Mrs Archbold, East Boldon

I have just eaten one of your sticky ginger puddings. As I have just been diagnosed diabetic I wish to complain bitterly about the quality of the pudding. It was probably the best pudding I have ever bought. Excellent!
Mr M. Gerrard